Patient Navigation Case Management Software

Navigation Tracker provides care managers and patient advocates a set of tools to manage your electronic recordkeeping functions. Navigation Tracker features include:
  • Secure Web-Based Application - Runs on PC, Mac or iPad
  • Record your Service Records and Invoice Your Clients
  • Patient Portal to Exchange Secure Email and Documents
  • Schedule and Track your Appointments and Assignments
  • Setup Shared Case Permissions and Case Re-assignment
  • Design and Perform your own Patient Assessments
  • Run Automated Reporting for your all Patient Data
Streamline Your Management Procedures
Navigation Tracker allows you to standardize your client workflow. The web-based tools are setup to help lead you through your client intake and help focus your day to day work on your navigation tasks.
Capture Everything - All your Data & Communications
Record all your emails, insurance policy, claim data and account notes in a single location using the Navigation Tracker toolset.
Print your Activity Reports for your Patients
Print and email reports directly from Navigation Tracker. These reports can show your client their assessment data, insurance resolution data and service reports. This allows you to demonstrate how you spent your time working on their behalf.
Schedule your Activities and Share Tasks
Add detailed account-specific scheduled tasks. Share these calendar entries with other navigators and case managers to coordinate tasks across your navigation team. Set the status of your scheduled tasks in order to track your progress for each patient.
Collaborate with your Patients and their Family & Caregivers
You have the option to invite your clients to log into the system and view your work in areas such as insurance resolution. You have full control over your clients' account permissions to restrict, view only, or view and modify data in these selected areas.
Designed to Support :
  • Independent Patient Advocates
  • Clinical Navigation Programs
  • Clinical Research Studies
  • Public Health Studies
  • Wellness Programs
  • Barrier to Care Assessments
Navigation Tracker was designed specifically to save you time, standardize your data management, store your data securely and grow your business. View details here:
Navigation Tracker was designed by studying the workflows and data requirements of successful patient focused agencies.
In order to get you started quickly and easily we provide subscription plans that allow you to demo the system for free and then pay proportionally based on usage.
  • No Setup Fees
  • Low Monthly Subscription Fee
  • No Upfront Costs
  • No Long-term Contracts
  • Fast and Easy Setup
  • Start Small & Grow with Your Business
  • Free Demo Accounts